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Our mission is to simplify complex processes in medical IT. We strive to make the development and roll-out of Clinovate software intuitive and straightforward. We offer a variety of web-based applications that can help to solve your tasks and satisfy your needs.

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The ClinHEOR Software-as-a-Service is an application to gather data sets from local databases of universities, clinical centres and private practices (i.e. practices, MVZ or local doctors with medical information systems) in order to feed real-time, live-Outcome trials and health-service research.

The benefit of using data detection in data sets in answering your research questions in real-time, while adhering to German data safety laws.



A list of data categories can be requested from the ClinHEOR Service. Sentinel downloads data specific to this description, identifies local data sets, gathers and clusters it, and synchronizes the meta information with our main database. Once a patient gives the written consent, the data set is integrated into the ClinHEOR data set and available for review in the trial’s statistics.



Live data is vital to a growing number of questions regarding patient treatment and medication. ClinHEOR feeds outcome trials to provide the foundation for answering these questions. Our service runs with complete data safety regulation compliance, guarded by independent ethics commissions, with full respect for the privacy of individuals.

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Limit access

cvIdentity serves as a user management service for your web-based applications. It comes as a claims-based, single-sign-on service (SSO) which allows managing roles, rights, and resources for your users and your applications.

With data safety being at the forefront of our services, we assure that data and services are accessed accordingly, appropriately managing permissions and access. Our identity server can manage identities for any access service you may require.


Manage Resources

With our cvIdentity Server, you are able to manage services, applications, and users within a single application. Register your service and enjoy the ease of an intuitive administration surface. Each entity comes with a branded user interface that reflects your companies brand and needs.

Once a user is registered with our identity service, you can add him to any resource with any role available.


Monitor it

cvIdentity offers a range of protocols to monitor the key indicators you need to run your applications, and to understand the use or to identify possible problems that occur. Help your user staying in touch with your services.

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Redefine data

Help your team with the knowledge of proofed collections of medical terms and document data for medications and diagnoses with standardized medical dictionaries such as the WHO List, MedDRA, and ICD10/11. This refining of data can be done directly online within Clinovate study/trial application.

Our MedDRA tool supports double data entry for clinical trials, customers can choose between a variety of data sources for medications as mentioned above, or even bring their own listing.


Integrate data

cvSERVICE offers web-based applications that are easy to integrate into other applications. It serves this data structure via a connector that accepts complex requests and replies with an XML or JSON structure.

We offer a data connection API, that connects your trial application on cvEDC with databases from known applications like MCS Easynet or DocConcept, so data sets can be automatically identified and copied to your trial. Find out if your application is on the list and contact us.


Identify data

In cvEDC, search for complex terms from MedDRA, ICD 10, and WHO and receive results while you type. in HIVDocu, search for and choose from any content regarding term collections and identify the right term for your requirements.

In cvEDC, identify the completed data sets in your trial by an adoptable matrix and compensate the work of your documenting centres in defined time slots, or use our billing tool which provides all the necessary steps to create bills automatically.

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The Clinovate Electronic Data Capture Application is an easy-to-use electronic platform to run studies and clinical trials. You can combine it effortlessly with other tools to have your study online fast and equipped with widespread functionality that assures data validity.

cvEDC makes all the difference, as it is built and designed to meet the needs of medical personnel. Because it is completely built on the CDISC ODM Model, the data sets can be imported and exported very easily.



We work within the confines of ISO9001 and ISO27001 requirements, and meet the stringent technical requirements of the FDA 21 CRF Part 11 and ICH GCP (Good Clinical Practice). Our products collect audit trails of electronic data, signing of data, the reason for changes, rights and role management. All cvEDC trials come with a test-driven life cycle management creation process, which includes a thorough risk management protocol. Each step and every change request undergoes a documented test-driven process in a test surrounding. After positive testing, the changes are transferred to the production environment following stringent testing.



All Clinovate products are developed in a way to assure the best possible user experience. We primarily achieve this because we know our peer group perfectly - as we are part of this group. Secondly, we are making the platform accessible and usable from any device as long as it has browser access and an internet connection.

Forms and workflows within our software are also tested towards a logical set-up to ensure simple access to requested data and information.


We join Medicine & IT

We obey the rules!

Clinovate works with Quality Management which is based on ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards. All of our solutions are built upon a Computer Validating Process, in guidance with FDA regulations, and up to the expectations of Good clinical Manufacturing and Practice. We are regularly audited and we strongly believe in precisely processed applications and services to help our customers to get their daily work done in a better way.

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Functional design is at the heart of our products, and we design each of our products with user requirements at their core. We know that most medical personnel will never see applications with the eyes of an IT professional. As a result, our medically trained eye creates the basis of our products’ design, and builds it in combination with our IT knowledge.

All applications are designed in a responsive way with the latest web technologies to fit any device you'd like to use.

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We take the needs of our customers seriously. This results in changes that are implemented within our applications in short cycles, to the benefit of all our users. We are always interested in implementing new ideas and concepts to develop our solutions to meet your needs.

We offer support levels for every kind of request, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Know how

We are not only IT professionals, and we are not only doctors!
We are IT professionals and doctors of medicine who invest their expertise in solutions tailored to your needs. If you work with Clinovate, we'll assure to add value in producing solutions which address all of your needs. We regularly customize the functions you order, and always put in extra – assuring the complete coverage of your requirements. We want the relationship with our customers to keep going.

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Clinovate solutions are interoperable and customizable to your needs. Simply combine our services in any way you'll need them. As security is always a big impact in web application and data, each of our customized solutions is built with their own protective layer. We train our personnel regularly, do penetration tests and use intrusion detection systems to protect data and systems.

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We're hiring! We are always on the lookout for programmers, front-end designer and statistic researcher that work with us on our web based software solutions.

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We are developing projects on a strong base of experience that leads back to the founding of Clinovate in 1999.

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Jan-Hendrik is the head programmer of Clinovate. His responsibility is to coordinate the different projects and to manage all programming tasks within our developing team.


Jan-Hendrik Behrmann

head programmer

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Stefan is a Doctor of Internal Medicine with work experience of 10 years in Munich Hospitals. He founded Clinovate in 1999 and is also an IT expert with more than 20 years of experience. He is responsible for application design and the companies portfolio.


Dr. med. Stefan Preis

head medical & IT director

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